"Tanah Surga... Katanya" Full Movie

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Title : Tanah Surga... Katanya

Genre :

Cast : Osa Aji Santoso (Salman), Tissa Biani Azzahra (Salina), Fuad Idris (Kakek), Ence Bagus (Haris), Astri Nurdin (Astuti), Ringgo Agus Rahman (Dr. Anwar), Deddy Mizwar (), Gatot Brajamusti ()

Movie Plot : Hashim is a former volunteer from confrontation between Indonesia-Malaysia in 1965. After his beloved wife died, he decided not to marry and live with his only son Haris and Haris's children named Salman and Salina. Living on the border of Indonesia-Malaysia makes its own problems. Border communities have to struggle desperately to keep their lives including Hashim's family, but fidelity and loyalty to the nation make Hashim stay. Beside that, Haris chose to live in Malaysia because he thinks Malaysia is much more promising for the future. He also intends to invite the whole family moved. What happen to Hasyim's family??

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