"My American Nurse 2" Full Movie

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Title : My American Nurse 2

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Vida Darko (Christina), Pascal Atuma (Shehu), Michael Blackson (Freddie), Aloma Wright (Madam Mississippi), Melanie Specht (Marion)

Movie Plot : My American Nurse 2 is a comedy that chronicles the experiences of Shehu (Pascal Atuma), a Nigerian cab driver in Los Angeles who has had less than stellar luck with women. Frustrated, Shehu gives up on dating American women and decides to travel home to Nigeria to find himself a wife (Vida Darko, Miss Ghana USA 2002). His plan is to find a nurse that he can bring to the U.S. to become certified so that she can make enough money to pull her own weight. His wife, on the other hand, has other plans and proves to be quite a handful for her unsuspecting husband with her newfound American identity. My American Nurse 2 is a humorous yet serious look at the life of an immigrant in America.

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