"Oklahoma Renegades" Full Movie

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Title : Oklahoma Renegades

Genre : Western

Cast : Robert Livingston (Stony Brooke), Raymond Hatton (Rusty Joslin), Duncan Renaldo (Rico Rinaldo), Lee 'Lasses' White (Jim Keith), Florine McKinney (Marian Carter), William Ruhl (Mace Liscomb), Al Herman (Hank Blake), James Seay (Carl - Blind veteran), Eddie Dean (Veteran Jack), Harold Daniels (Orv Liscomb), Jack Lescoulie (Veteran Bob), Frosty Royce (Veteran Mort (as Frosty Royse))

Movie Plot : Stony Brooke, Rusty Joslin and Rico, known as The Three Mesquiteers, return to Oklahoma at the close of the Spanish-American War, and are concerned that some of their wounded buddies have no prospects for a satisfactory future. When the government offers preferred homesteads in the newly-opened Oklahoma territory to war veterans, they send word for their pals to join them there. Once there, the veterans meet a hostile reception as the cattlemen resent the influx of "nesters" and are determined to drive them out. Mace Liscomb and his brother Orv plan not only to drive out the homesteaders, but to also double cross the cattlemen and gain exclusive titles to the range lands for themselves. Stony and his pals eventually show the honest cattlemen that there is room for the settlers and that both are fighting a common enemy. Written by Les Adams

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