"The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy" Full Movie

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Title : The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : Ben Weber (Patrick), Timothy Olyphant (Dennis), Matt McGrath (Howie), Zach Braff (Benji), Dean Cain (Cole), Chris Payne Gilbert (Larry), Nora Burns (Female Shopper), John Brandon (Mickey), John Mahoney (Jack), Nia Long (Leslie), Mary McCormack (Anne), Justin Theroux (Marshall), Billy Porter (Taylor), Diane McBain (Josephine), Andrew Keegan (Kevin)

Movie Plot : A group of friends search for fun, love and ultimately themselves in West Hollywood. This movie is an entertaining, and sometimes cynical look into the lives of six gay men trying to come to terms with what being gay and single (or gay and partnered) means to them.

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