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Title : Half A Sinner

Genre : Mystery, Adventure, Comedy

Cast : Heather Angel (Anne Gladden), John 'Dusty' King (Larry Cameron), Constance Collier (Mrs. Jefferson Breckenbridge), Tom Dugan (Red Egan), Robert Elliott (Officer Kelly), Clem Bevans (Snuffy), Henry Brandon (Handsome - Red's Sidekick), Emma Dunn (Granny Gladden), Walter Catlett (Station Attendant), William B. Davidson (Slick), Fern Emmett (Margaret Reed), Sonny Bupp (Willy), Wilbur Mack (Mason), Joe Devlin (Steve), Wilson Benge (Waiter), Sam Bernard (), Richard Cramer (Mugg), Floyd Criswell (), Jeanne Criswell (), Eddie Hall (Man in Country Club Dining Room), Fred Kohler Jr. (Garage Owner), Harry McKee (), Antonia Oland (Sally), Jason Robards Sr. (Country Club Garage Man), Cy Schindell (), Marcelle Smith (), Pietro Sosso ()

Movie Plot : Although young and beautiful, schoolteacher Anne Gladden fears a dull future. She finally decides to take a walk on the wild side, splurging on some fashionable new clothes and setting off to find adventure. Her new confidence inspires her to flirt with complete strangers. When a gangster pays unwanted attention to her, she ditches him and flees in his car, unaware that there's a corpse in the trunk. Determined to recover his stolen vehicle and its incriminating cargo the thug begins a desperate search. The oblivious Anne, comes to the aid of a handsome young man stranded alongside the road. Romance blooms, but after the shocking discovery of a body in the trunk, the duo decide they have to return the car. The bickering lovebirds head back to the city, trailed by both the angry gangster and the cops, who suspect the young couple of murder.

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