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Title : Blanche Nuit

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Cast : Fabrice Abraham (Arthur), Delphine Rollin (Blanche Rippolin), Pascal Demolon (Le commissaire Moulinette), Philippe Duquesne (Le lieutenant Gégé), Arnaud Maillard (Planton Minard), François Berléand (La Malice), Julie Ferrier (), Bruno Salomone (), Atmen Kelif (), Yannick Choirat (), Frederic Bouraly (), Jean-Marie Lecoq ()

Movie Plot : When Arthur decided to become a policeman it was most definitely not so that he would be put on the trail of a group of ultra-left wing artists, the Black Fist Collective. No, his real motivation was so that he could trace his father, Public Enemy Number One, La Malice. But, alas, it is Chief Inspector Moulinette who sets the rules, assisted by his faithful lieutenant Gégé. Arthur has no choice but to infiltrate the troublesome Collective, by posing as an actor...

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