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Release Date: 04/19/2019 (US)

Original Language    :    English
Release Date    :    04/19/2019 (US)
Genre    :    Drama, Mystery
Time    :    02 Hours 19 Minutes
Budget    :    $8,500,000.00
Revenue    :    $2,053,469.00

Movie: Under-the-Silver-Lake-(2018)[396461] Young and disenchanted Sam meets a mysterious and beautiful woman who's swimming in his building's pool one night. When she suddenly vanishes the next morning, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal and conspiracy.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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Written by Stephen Campbell on August 6, 2019
Just like Mulholland Drive. Except really, really, really awful I got sent the script for Under The Silver Lake and it was as mind-bending in word, as it was, in deed, as it were. It was 160-odd pages, which is about 30 or 40 pages more than the usual script, and it was like as if Sean Astin's character, Mikey, from The Goonies is far too old to still be going on adventures, but he still wants to. But now he's in a David Lynch film that's set in a Los Angeles that's like the antithesis of the La La Land Los Angeles. The deep, dark underbelly of L.A. And I read it and I just th... read the rest.

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