"La Petite mort 2 : Nasty Tapes" Full Movie

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Title : La Petite mort 2 : Nasty Tapes

Genre : Thriller, Horror

Cast : Annika Strauss (Dominique), Mika Metz (Monsieur Matheo Maxime), Micaela Schäfer (Jade Maxime), Yvonne Wölke (Monique), Gabriela Wirbel (Sexy Nurse), Nicole Neukirch (Sexy Nurse), Bea La Bea (Eva Brown), Armin Barwich (Richie Rich), Ivana Konovic (Vivian the Victim), Kai Plaumann (Dog Boy), Barbara Zuchowski (The Twins), Patrizia Zuchowski (The Twins), Uwe Boll (Himself)

Movie Plot : Follow the owners of the infamous "Maison de la petite mort" during their daily work. After the shocking events in part one, you'll never guess what the new owner Monsieur Matheo Maximè is up to. Torturing for money at it's very - worst.

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