"Mulligan" Full Movie

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Title : Mulligan

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Jonathan Eliot (John Hanson), Dean Chekvala (Karl), Amy Sloan (Alice), Kaitlin Doubleday (Tinker)

Movie Plot : John Hanson has been toiling away on his epic graphic novel for 17 years. Over 1,000 pages long, no one will read it, let alone publish it. He is unexpectedly visited by his former best friend, Karl, who stole his girlfriend years before. Karl has stumbled onto a little secret: years ago, John’s late father was involved in a scheme that involved a golf course and $500,000 in stolen cash from the Teamsters. Karl thinks that money is hidden in John’s cabin on Lake Geneva. John reluctantly agrees to team up with Karl as they head north to recover the stolen money. The local femme fatales and a trigger-happy cop may get in their way, but the real question is whether this friendship is worth a do-over.

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