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Title : Bas-fonds

Genre :

Cast : Valérie Nataf (Magalie), Ginger Romàn (Barbara), Noémie Le Carrer (Marie-Steph), Ingrid Leduc (La boulangère), Benjamin Belkhodja (Petit-ami de Barbara), Alain Ollivier (Le président), François Toumarkine (Père de Magalie et de Marie-Steph), Christine Pignet (Mère de Magalie et de Marie-Steph), Jean-Paul Bonnaire (Père de Barbara), Françoise Soucaret (Voisine), Nicole Soleilhavoup (Epicière), Nadia Szold (La pendue), Catherine Belkhodja (Témoin), Gustave de Kervern (L’amant)

Movie Plot : On the outskirts of civilisation, three young women, Magalie, Marie-Steph and Barbara live a desperate life together. Drowning in alcohol, they both lust for and hate one another, coupling like animals. Yet gradually they become enmeshed in a complex game of love and domination. Magalie, the ringleader, subjugates through her male power, and bestial charisma. Simple Marie-Steph, her younger sister, remains in the background, and Barbara, unaware of her own prettiness, has joined the pack because she loves Magalie. One day, at Magalie’s instigation, and almost out of boredom, they hold up a bakery and kill the baker with a buckshot gun. Life gradually resumes, but nothing is the same.

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