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Title : Lost times

Genre : Drama

Cast : József Kádas (Iván), Teréz Vass (Eszter), Marianna Szalay (Léna), Attila Géza László (Dénes (as László Attila)), Eszter Földes (Ilus), Csaba Czene (Szukics), József Varga (Szukics József), Mari Csomós (Szukics anyja), Zoltán Géczi (Rendõrtiszt), Zoltán Újvári (János - rendõr), Andor Lukáts (Orvos), Anger Zsolt (Befektetõ), Zoltán Balga (Rendõr), András Balogh (Bandi)

Movie Plot : 1997. Young car mechanic Iván lives in a godforsaken village in eastern Hungary. He looks after his mentally disabled sister Eszter and earns extra money smuggling diesel oil from Ukraine. The siblings' coexistence is disrupted by a tragic event, Eszter is raped. A police investigation gets under way; in the meantime, Iván starts up a relationship with young Ilus, who has just finished school and is planning on going to the university. Iván plainly wants to leave his old life behind him, but will he be able to fulfill this ambition? - Written by Warsaw Film Festival

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