"Balloon Club, Afterwards" Full Movie

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Title : Balloon Club, Afterwards

Genre : Drama

Cast : Motoki Fukami (Jiro), Yukie Kawamura (Midori), Tomoharu Hasegawa (Murakami), Hiromi Nagasaku (Mitsuko)

Movie Plot : Mitsuko Murakami and lover to put the passion to balloon in the hot-air balloon Circle "absent-minded" began, had gathered young people holding a variety of thoughts. But "absent-minded" is unawares disbanded. It from five years of month is only day, between the circle members "Murakami was traffic accident" around in touch with members it had become apart in the wake will be held again large banquet remember a collection Murakami. But they had been noticed. that this is the last fool commotion .... Yumi Arai classic "of Lonely Room motif ", the youth drama depicting a moratorium young people and painful love pattern.

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