"Dasepo Naughty Girls" Full Movie

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Title : Dasepo Naughty Girls

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Kim Ok-Bin (Poor Girl), Park Jin-woo (Anthony), Lee Kyeon (Cyclops), Song Ha-yoon (Bellflower), Yoo Gun (Anthony's Friend- spiked hair), Nam Ho-jeong (Vice President Girl), Hye-won Park (Class Monitor), Lee Min-hyeok (Anthony's Friend (pompadour)), Lee Eun-sung (Two Eyes), Lee Won-Jong (Big Razor Sis), Kim Soo-mi (Cameo), Im Ye-jin (Poor Girl's mom), Lee Byung-joon (Gun-hee)

Movie Plot : Based on the popular Internet novel, the film takes place in a school renowned for its sexual aberrations. The student body is comprised of sexually ambiguous teenagers, and the student president and vice-present flaunt their taste for S&M. Independent study and supplementary classes are done on homosexuality and transgenderism. But amidst this environment, there are some that just can't adapt.

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