"C.B. Hustlers" Full Movie

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Title : C.B. Hustlers

Genre :

Cast : John F. Goff (Boots Clayborn), Richard Kennedy (Mountain Dean), John Alderman (Dancer), Jacqueline Giroux (Scuzz), Janus Blythe (C.B. Hustler), Uschi Digard (C.B. Hustler), Catherine Barkley (C.B. Hustler), John Tull (Moonshine), Douglas Gudbye (Hogbreath), Bruce Kimball (Sheriff Elrod P. Ramsey)

Movie Plot : This road comedy is about a group of prostitutes who take their bordello on the road, loading into a van and using their CB radio to inform truckers of when and where they'll be stopping. The fun-loving girls enjoy success with their mobile brothel until they cross the state line into the Bible belt and find themselves under pursuit by the police

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