"Who Killed Mary Whats'ername?" Full Movie

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Title : Who Killed Mary Whats'ername?

Genre :

Cast : Red Buttons (Mickey Isadore), Sylvia Miles (Christine), Alice Playten (Della Isador), Conrad Bain (Val Rooney), Dick Anthony Williams (Malthus), Sam Waterston (Alex Monte), David Doyle (Roger Boulting), Gilbert Lewis (Solomon The Cop), Earl Hindman (Whitey), Ron Carey (Larry The Bartender), Jake LaMotta (Bartender), Eddie Lawrence (Shouting Man On Street), Ellen Faison (Black Girl at Dominic's (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A prostitute is murdered on the streets of a tough, low-income neighborhood. A diabetic retired boxer who knew her is appalled by the lack of interest shown in the case by the police or anybody else in the neighborhood, and decides to investigate the case himself.

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