"A Nun at the Crossroads" Full Movie

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Title : A Nun at the Crossroads

Genre : Drama

Cast : Rosanna Schiaffino (Sister Maria), John Richardson (Dr. Pierre Lemmon), Mara Cruz (Lisa), Ángel Picazo (Fr. Raymond), Paloma Valdés (Sister Blanche), Margot Cottens (Madeleine), Andrés Mejuto (Michel), Lilí Murati (Mother Claire), María Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara (), Antonio Pica (), Lex Monson (Nangu)

Movie Plot : During an uprising in the Belgian Congo, a convent of nuns are besieged and the Reverend Mother is killed and Sister Maria is raped. Returning to Belgium, Sister Maria finds out to her horror that she is pregnant. Rejected by her family and her sister, she is told by the Vatican that she is supposed to either give the baby to the church and still be a nun or keep the baby and leave the order. This film follows her decision.

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