"Ballad About a Trumpet and a Cloud" Full Movie

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Title : Ballad About a Trumpet and a Cloud

Genre : War, Drama

Cast : Lojze Potokar (Jernej Temnikar), Angelca Hlebce (Marjana Temnikarica), Marija Lojk (Justina), Branko Miklavc (Tone), Rudi Kosmač (Zaplatarjev Janez), Vladimir Skrbinšek (Poročnik SS), Lojze Rozman (Gašper), Maks Bajc (Miha), Polde Bibič (Boltežar)

Movie Plot : Temnikar's family prepares for Christmas, but to him, it's the time of dark premonitions and anxiety. In the mountain cave, hidden by snow, the wounded partisans are hiding, and Temnikar suspects the treason. Once the White Guard patrol shows up at Temnikar's doorstep, he finds out about their plan to go and finish off the wounded partisans.

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