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Title : Captain Carey, U.S.A.

Genre : Drama, Action, Thriller

Cast : Alan Ladd (Captain Webster Carey), Wanda Hendrix (Baronessa Giulia de Greffi), Francis Lederer (Baron Rocco de Greffi), Joseph Calleia (Dr. Lunati), Celia Lovsky (Countess Francesca de Cresci), Richard Avonde (Count Carlo de Cresci), Frank Puglia (Luigi), Luis Alberni (Sandro), Angela Clarke (Serafina), Roland Winters (Manfredo Acuto), Paul Lees (Frank), Jane Nigh (Nancy), Russ Tamblyn (Pietro), Virginia Farmer (Angelina)

Movie Plot : A group of agents in the U. S. Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the CIA), are sent to France during World War II, to knock out the French railroad system and, in accomplishing this mission, most of them will be killed because of an inside betrayal. After the war, one of the agents returns to find the traitor.

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