"Guadalcanal Diary" Full Movie

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Title : Guadalcanal Diary

Genre : Action, War, Drama

Cast : Preston Foster (Father Donnelly), Lloyd Nolan (Sgt. Hook Malone), William Bendix (Corp. Taxi Potts), Richard Conte (Capt. Davis), Anthony Quinn (Jesus ('Soose') Alverez), Richard Jaeckel (Pvt. Johnny ('Chicken') Anderson), Roy Roberts (Capt. Jame Cross), Minor Watson (Col Wallace E. Grayson), Ralph Byrd (Ned Rowman), Lionel Stander (Sgt. Butch), Reed Hadley (War Correspondent/ Narrator), John Archer (Lt. Thurmond)

Movie Plot : Concentrating on the personal lives of those involved, a war correspondent takes us through the preparations, landing and initial campaign on Guadalcanal during WWII.

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